Our Returns & Warranty Policy

Our Returns & Warranty Policy


Living in Style Furniture custom makes all of our beautiful pieces to your own personal selection. We want you to love your pieces as much as we do but sometimes things can happen that result in your order not being quite right. As you can imagine if we are customising your piece, returns because of change of mind is unfortunately not possible. The best advise we can give is before before finalising your selection, please feel free to ask our Sales Team further questions about the fabric and finishes, or for additional photographs or videos, and interior design advice to ensure your selections are perfect for your home. We will of course honour returns due to faults. 

If you are supplying us with an image, we cannot guarantee an exact match unless provided with complete technical drawings. Drawings can be produced by us for signing off and are chargeable and payable by you. Slight differences in specified dimensions may occur due to the materials within the build. If the furniture is intended for a specific place or location, you must inform us at the time of ordering. 


Living in Style Furniture warrants all products for the original buyer for 1 year warranty against structural defects attributable to manufacture. 

Proof of purchase must be supplied.

Additional Manufacturers Warranty applies on:

Frame – 10 years
Foam – 10 years
Fabric – 3 years

Leather Sofa
Frame – 10 years
Foam Seat – 3 years
Foam Back – 2 years
Recliner Mechanism – 3 years
Leather – 2 years

Chairs & Barstool
Timber Frame – 3 years
Metal Frame – 1 year
Fabric – 3 years

Frame – 5 years
Fabric – 3 years

Custom Timber Furniture 3 years

Non Custom Timber Furniture 1 year

Warranty, does not cover misuse or damage due to environmental factors such as exposure to extreme conditions, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, exposure to heaters and highly air-conditioned spaces, scratches, burns, or inappropriate use. Please note that damage resulting from any chemicals, abrasives or other harsh cleaning agents, is not covered under this warranty. Improper handling during shipping by a third party freight company is not covered by warranty.

Solid timber is a natural product and is responsive to changes in the environment. Any movement, cracking, joint separation, bowing, splitting, or colour change in timber is not warranted. It is not recommended to add a glass top to our custom dining tables.

Timber finishes are subject to everyday wear and tear in your home they cannot be warranted.



As your timber furniture is a natural product it may expand and contract due to varying temperature conditions, occasionally producing small cracks within or between the boards. This is normal and often part of a piece’s character. To minimise movement in the timber, the furniture should not be placed outside, in direct sunlight, near fireplaces, or in heavily air-conditioned areas. 

Our custom made timber products have a lacquered surface applied. Lacquer provides a protective coating on the top of the timber, protecting the timber and making the piece of furniture durable and strong. Lacquer cannot tolerate temperatures from hot coffee cups, dishes heated on the stove-top or in conventional or microwave ovens. The lacquer is also water resistant, however cannot tolerate excessive quantities of liquid. Dry any spills immediately otherwise liquid may seep through the lacquer and cause damage. Damage caused by extra hot items and water spills are not covered by warranty.

To clean your timber furniture we recommend using a microfibre cloth. Dampen the cloth slightly with lukewarm water with a small amount of mild dishwashing liquid. Wipe the table with the damp cloth, then dry immediately with a dry cloth. Always remove dust regularly as the dust collection absorbs and holds moisture on humid days and damp evenings, causing the timber to expand/crack.

Never clean painted timber with harsh chemicals.

To clean your painted timber surface, use a dust cloth or feather duster to remove dust and debris. Always remove dust as dust collection absorbs and holds moisture on humid days and damp evenings, causing the timber to expand/crack. You may use a slightly damp cloth or mild detergent in lukewarm water to remove liquids that might stain, however be sure that the cloth is not soaked excessively and the surface is dried immediately with a clean dry cloth immediately after wetting.

Goods purchased “as is” or ex floor stocks samples are not covered by our warranty.

Goods given at “no charge” are not covered by our warranty.

Cushion are DRY CLEAN ONLY.

We do not offer refunds for change of mind. All sales are final.